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Daibitis - Diabetes

(This is from a women's health brochure on diabetes from the FDA)

Mas ki nuebe miyon na famalao’an giya Estados Unidos man daibitis.More than 9 million women in the United States have diabetes.

Ya tres miyon ti tumungo!And 3 million don't even know it!

Kao un tungo na...? Did you know...?
•Daibitis ha umenta mas chansa para un inataka I korason, pat sino strok.Diabetes increases your risk for heart attack or stroke.
•Guaha famalao’an man ninayi ni daibitis yangin man mapotgi.Some women get diabetes when they are pregnant.
•Famalao’an ni man daibitis mas siña man mafak i mapotgiñiha, pat man gai neni ni man gai difekta yangin mafañagu.Women who have diabetes are more likely to have a miscarriage or a baby with birth defects.

Hafa i daibitis? What is diabetes?
•Daibitis un chetnot i ni a tulaika hafa taimanu i tataotao-mu ha usa i asukat. I nengkanno ni unkanno’ ha tulaika para asukat. I asukat hu mahanao para todo i bandan tataotao-mu. Tenga i insulin ha ayuda i asukat-mu gi haga para i cells gi tataotao anai ha pega para un nina brabu.Diabetes is a disease that changes the way your body uses sugar. The food you eat turns to sugar. The sugar then travels through the blood to all parts of the body. Normally, insulin helps get sugar from the blood to the body's cells, where it is used for energy.
•Yangin daibitis hao, mapot i tataotao-mu mamatinas pat/ sino ha ripresta para i insulin. I tataotao-mu taya brinabuña. Yan i asukat-mu gi haga mas takkilo.When you have diabetes, your body has trouble making and/or using insulin. So your body does not get the fuel it needs. And your blood sugar stays too high.

Hafa na klasen daibitis siha? What are the types of diabetes?
• Klase unu – I tataotao–mu ti mamatinas insulin. I taotao ni klasen uno ha nisisita insulin kada dia para u la’la’.Type 1 --The body does not make any insulin. People with type1 must take insulin every day to stay alive.
• Klasen Dos -I tataotao ti ha u u’sa i insulin taimanu dipotsi. Mas taotao ni man daibitis man ninayi ni klasen dos.Type 2 --The body does not make enough insulin, or use insulin well. Most people with diabetes have type 2.

Kao mas hao atotga ni daibitis?Who is at most risk for diabetes?
•Kao un nisista para un ribaha i libras-mu?Do you need to lose weight?
•Kao taya kinalamten mu?Do you get little or no exercise?
•Kao takkilo i presun hagu-mu (130/80) pat mas takkilo)?Do you have high blood pressure (130/80 or higher)?
•Kao man daibitis i familia-mu?Do you have diabetes in your family?
•Kao palao’an hao ya ninayi daibitis anai mapotgi hao?Are you a woman who had it when you were pregnant?
•Kao mañagu hao neni ni mas ki nuebe libras gi mafanaguña?Have you had a baby who weighed more than 9 pounds at birth?
•Kao Afrikano Amerikanu, Natibu Amerikanu, Ispañot, Asiano Amerikanu, pat Islas Pasifiku na taotao hao?Are you African American, Native American, Hispanic, Asian American, or Pacific Islander?

Hafa i siñat siha?What are the warning signs?

•Mas sesso guato gi kemmonFrequent trips to the restroom
•Sesso ñgalang pat ma’uFeeling hungry or thirsty all the time
•Maya’ i inatan-muBlurred vision
•Chinachak pat malasas ya dispasio mahgongCuts or bruises that are slow to heal
•Todo i tiempo yayas haoFeeling tired all the time
•I kanai yan addeng man laolao pat ma’etdotTingling or numbness in the hands or feet

Guaha taotao man daibitis, lao taya na maripara i siñat.There are some people with diabetes, but do not notice any signs.

Hafa siña hu chogue yan daibitis yu?What can I do if I have diabetes?
Usa i maolek na amotUse medicines wisely
• Guaha na taotao ni man daibitis ma nisisita machule' i pitdoras pat i dilok insulin. Tattiyi i direksion.Sometimes people with diabetes need to take pills or insulin shots. Be sure to follow the directions.
• Faisen i mediku-mu, infitmera, pat i taotao i sagan amot hafa i amot-mu para uchogue. Faisen lokkue ngai’an na para un chule', yan hafa na dañu hiniyongña.Ask your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist what your medicines do. Also ask when to take them and if they have any side effects.

Atan hafa unkanno, yan na kalamten i brinabu-mu.Watch what you eat and get exercise
•Taya unu na dieta para i taotao ni daibitis. Faisin i taotao i salud brinabu-mu pot i planu para hagu.There is no one diet for people with diabetes. Work with your health care team to come up with a plan for you.
•Kalamten masea trenta minutus gi ha’ane, kuantos dias gi semana. Na kalamten i tataotao-mu ya un usa i insulin mas maolek.Be active at least 30 minutes a day most days of the week. Exercise helps your body's insulin work better. It also lowers your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol.

Rikonosi i asukat i haga-mu yan tungo i iyo-mu ABC’s.Check Your Blood Sugar and Know Your ABCs
• Adahi hao kontra i chetnot korason yan strok, na siguru na i asukat haga, presun haga, yan i kolesterol man ma adahi.Help prevent heart disease and stroke by keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol under control.
• Rikonosi i asukat haga yan i testa ni siña un usa gi gima.Check your blood sugar using a meter (home testing kit).
• Faisen i mediku-mu pot i A-1-C na haga para u ma tes. Rikononosi i asukat haga kada dos pat tres meses.Ask your doctor for an A-1-C ("A-one-see") blood test. It measures blood sugar levels over 2 to 3 months.
• Kuentuse i taotao salud brinabu-mu pot iyo-mu ABC’S:Talk to your health care team about your ABC's:

Blood pressure

Para Un Tungo Mas:
To Find Out More:
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Diabetes Information


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