Saturday, September 29, 2007

Sinangan Siha put Klema - Climate Phrases

Para somnak na ha'ani It's gonna be a sunny day today
Nubladu na ha'ani = Partly cloudy today
Para chatha'an pa'go = It's gonna be a rainy day
Klaru na ha'ani = It's a clear day
Motmo na ha'ani = A cloudy day. It's to be -implied statement
Ha adibina i tiempo para agupa = I predicted the weather for tomorrow
Mamamaila' i hemhom uchan = A heavy rain cloud is coming
Uchan pa'go = It rained today
Ai sa' u'uchan! = It's raining!
U'uchan gi San Vicente = It's raining in San Vicente
Para somnak pa'go = It's going to be sunny today
Tette ha' = Sprinkling only
Guaifon na ha'ani = What a windy day
Guaife i danges = Blow out the candle
Bula manglo' yanggen pakyo = Plenty of wind (when or during a typhoon)
Na'inaire i kuatto = Air out the room
In adapta ham gi kleman California = We adapted to California's weather

Bukabulariu / Vocabulary:
aire = air
guaifi = blow
guaifon = windy
manglo' = wind, air
sa' = due to the fact/because
somnak = sunny
tette = sprinkle-rain
uchan = rain

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