Monday, December 24, 2007

Guam Hymn

Fañohge Chamorro
Put i tano´-ta
Kanta i ma tuna-ña
Gi todu i lugat
Para i onra
Para i gloria
Abiba i isla
Sen parat.
Todu i tiempo
I pas para hita
Yan ginen i langet
Na bendision
Kontra i piligru
Na´fansafo´ ham,
Yu´us prutehi
I islan Guam.

Stand ye, Chamorros
For your country,
And sing her praise
From shore to shore,
For her honor
For her glory,
Exalt our island
Forever more.
May everlasting
Peace reign o´er us
May heaven's blessing
Come to us
Against all perils
Do not forsake us
God protect
Our island, Guam.

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