Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Color Footage of WWII in the Marianas

Saipan and the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot

Since sites on "de-colonization" are increasing, I think it's about time to remind folks that the Marianas are indeed small and quite vulnerable. And in this increasingly globalized society that vulnerability is not going away anytime soon. As the old saying goes: better the devil you know. That and I'm tired of hearing whining from a few people from a certain island that American influence is diminishing the Chamorro language presence. The Japanese and other dominant countries weren't fans of anything Chamorro themselves.

Sometimes when people haven't experienced hardships and suffering (or have been anywhere near it for an extensive period of time), self-persecution is certainly not ruled out in methods for seeking attention. If you're ever feeling persecuted on Guam, go hang out in Northern Peru for a while. Or if you can get tickets to Iran, Sudan, Burma, North Korea, or elsewhere knock yourself out. Otherwise, don't be such an ingratu and suck it up.

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