Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Miscellaneous Chamorro Books for Reference

"Chamorro Word Book" (with Audio CD) by Marilyn Salas, Roland Miranda, and Josefina Barcinas

"Chamorro Alphabet" by Lori Phillips

"Transitivity and Discourse in Chamorro Narratives" by Ann M. Cooreman

"The Chamorro Language of Guam" by Willian Edwin Safford

"Dictionary and grammar of the Chamorro language of the island of Guam" by Edward Ritter von Preissig

"Let's chat in Chamorro" by Katherine B Aguon

"Clause Union in Chamorro & in Universal Grammar (Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics)" by Jeanne D Gibson

"Grammar and catechism in the Mariana language (Anthropos)" by Diego Luis de San Vitores

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