Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Taotao Tano' Dance - Fu'una yan Puntan

Taotao Tano' Cultural Dance Group

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Goodness...I hate to be the one to rain on the cultural-renaissance parade, but I've never seen nor heard of these costumes or performances in Chamorro history. As a matter of fact, the costumes, foot and hand movements are straight out of old Hawaiian tradition. The Chamorro being sung is not the greatest either. You can definitely tell these kids don't speak it fluently, sadly enough. I really wish we stuck with what we had and if we have to "borrow" from other islander cultures, we need to be more honest about it and not call it "ancient." Because it's not. The only dance that old Chamorros can recall is the Cha-Cha, thanks to Spain :P It's unfortunate that a lot was wiped out from Chamorro history, but it's no excuse to lie about who and what we are. Speaking of which, half of the people in the video don't even look Chamorro?!

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