Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sinisa yan Kuaresma - Ash Wednesday and Lent

As many of you may or may not know, the majority of Chamorros are Roman Catholic. Yesterday was Sinisa which marks the start of Kuaresma. On Sinisa, you have your penitensia to carry out and of course munga makanno katne an Betnes! Ayunat is required for the more able bodied and healthy while those who have health issues are exempt from doing so. Throughout this season of Kuaresma, we look forward to Semana Santa. This starts with Ramos and it's suggested not to eat meat at all throughout the week. However, I am going to decline doing so as both a devout carnivore and having become anemic from just a few weeks without katne the year before :P Guihan just didn't cut it. Semana Santa starts to wrap up with Huebes Santo, which includes the washing of the feet ceremony at the Santa Misa. Followed by Huebes Santo is Betnes Santo, Sabalun Loria, and finally Pasgua. More information about these special days will be posted when the time comes and until then, keep up that penitensia!

Sinisa - Ash Wednesday
Kuaresma - Lent
Penitensia (Penance) - Giving up something for Lent
Ayunat - Fasting
Munga makanno katne an Betnes - Don’t eat meat on Fridays
Guihan - Fish
Katne - Meat
Santa Misa - Holy Mass
Semana Santa - Holy Week
Ramos - Palm Sunday
Huebes Santo - Shroud Thursday
Betnes Santo - Good Friday
Sabalun Loria - Holy Saturday
Pasgua - Easter

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