Friday, March 28, 2008

Chamorro Prepositions and Conjunctions


Prepositions are what links phrases, nouns and pronouns in order to form a sentence. The preposition is what introduces the object and creates a relationship within the sentence. In Chamorro, as in most any language, we have the following prepositions that are used in order to indicate logical and spatial differences in sentences:

Entre/Entalo/Gi entalo - between
Fuera di - except or outside of
Gi - in/on
Hasta - until
Kon - with
Kontra - against
Para - for
Pot - through or for
Sin - without
Tai or Taya - without
Yan - and


Conjunctions also link words, phrases, or clauses in order to join elements of a sentence. The following words are Chamorro conjunctions used in everyday sentences:

Anai - when
Anai ha - as soon as (for quick turn of events from bad to worse, etc)
Antes di - before
Despues di - after
Ensigidas - as soon as
Gin - if (somewhat of a slang for Yanggin)
Kao - indicator of a question
Lao -but
Lokkue - also
Lu - nevertheless
Masea - although
Mientras - while
Na - that (past)
Nu - that (future)
Parehu - the same
Pat - or
Sa - then, due to, because
Ya - and, to connect sentences
Yan -and, to connect words
Yanggin - if

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